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Nanny 'caused injuries to baby'

A nanny hired through a London agency left a baby with a brain injury and a broken arm, the Old Bailey has heard.

Jasmin Schmidt, 32, looked after the baby as her parents, who ran a designer shop, went to London Fashion Week.

After the second night of duties, the baby's mother, of North Yorkshire, saw an area around his eyes had gone blue and he was pale, the Old Bailey heard.

Ms Schmidt, of Primrose Hill, London denies two charges of grievous bodily harm with intent.

She noticed he was very pale and cold to the touch
Sally Howes, QC, prosecuting

Sally Howes QC, prosecuting, alleged the two-and-a-month-old, from North Yorkshire, was shaken during the night of 14 to 15 September 2002.

The couple, who had travelled from Harrogate, had hired her to look after the baby, who cannot be identified, at night while family and friends cared for the baby during the day.

Ms Schmidt said the baby had been restless during the night and she had attempted to swaddle him in a blanket.

However, Miss Howes told the court: "Miss Schmidt assaulted the baby.

"That assault resulted in serious injuries - bleeding and injury to the brain as a result of having been shaken, and also causing a broken right arm."

She said that the morning after the second night, Ms Schmidt told the mother the baby had been restless.

She said he "appeared angry" and she had attempted to "swaddle him in a blanket but he would not settle", said Miss Howes.

'Unhelpful and defensive'

But Miss Howes said after Ms Schmidt left, the mother noticed that the area around the baby's eyes were blue and he had dried milk around his mouth.

"He made a whimpering sound," said Miss Howes.

"She noticed he was very pale and cold to the touch."

She said the mother rang Ms Schmidt and allegedly found her unhelpful and defensive.

The mother felt instinctively that something was wrong and took the baby to hospital.

The court was told the baby had grown into a healthy boy and there was no sign of permanent damage.

The trial, which continues, has been adjourned until Thursday.

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