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Residents fined for selling cars

Penalty notice
The scheme was introduced by Barnet Council in April 2007

People putting for sale notices on their cars are being fined by their local authority in north London.

At least four people have been given 50 fixed penalty fines by Barnet Council for selling their cars outside their homes, BBC London has learnt.

The scheme was introduced in April last year to combat "resident traders" selling several cars on residential streets and council owned car parks.

The council said it was reviewing the way the scheme worked.

The measures come under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 which outlaws vehicles being sold on the public highway.

But critics have said the law should only be used to stop those running unregistered car-selling businesses, rather than individual sellers.

Head teacher David Weale was issued with a 50 fine.


One residents was fined fifty pounds for using the sign

"I think it's completely wrong that they're hitting ordinary individual citizens," he said.

"I'm not someone who's trying to flog 50 cars. I've got one that I wanted to sell and I was penalised within 24 hours of putting my sale sign in the car outside my own door."

The local authority said car spaces in the borough were at a premium and unregistered car sellers were making things worse.

"There's lots of residential parking here and so using someone's parking space as a commercial space to sell cars is a problem," said a Barnet Council spokesman.

"That's why we put this in place last year and it has been successful in deterring resident traders.

"But we're going to be reviewing the policy to see if there's a way we can differentiate between resident traders and individual sellers."

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