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Boy detained for revenge shooting

A 15-year-old who shot a man for "humiliating" him will be detained for at least six years, a court has ruled.

Jesse Williams, from Peckham, south London, was part of a gang which robbed Jason Major, 26, last year.

Mr Major tracked him down and he was made to return the stolen goods but Williams later shot him through a car window in revenge.

Williams was found guilty of attempted murder and having a gun with intent to endanger life at the Old Bailey.

'Looked foolish'

The court heard that Williams - then aged just 14 - spotted Mr Major and 30 minutes later had acquired a weapon ready to attack his victim.

Passing sentence, Judge David Paget said: "Your intention was to kill him - nothing less, it seems, for no other reason than to show just how big and important you were."

The judge added: "The truly frightening aspect of this case is that at 14 years 10 months, within half-an-hour you were able to arm yourself with a loaded gun and attempt to kill Jason Major."

The court heard that Mr Major was robbed by the gang last year and subsequently traced the boy to a block of flats in south London.

A mother of one of his friends made the youth return the stolen items.

Prosecuting, Jason Dunn-Shaw said: "Not only did the group look foolish in each other's eyes, their humiliation must have been even greater when his mother made them give back the property."

He added: "It was that humiliation that they intended to avenge."

Mr Major and Williams came across each other again in a Peckham street, shortly after midnight on 14 October.

Half an hour later Mr Major was being driven in a car by his girlfriend when Williams stepped into the road and fired at him through the passenger window.

Recovered from attack

Williams' gun jammed in the first shot, giving Mr Major time to duck before a second shot hit him in the back.

Mr Major's girlfriend drove to the nearest police station and he recovered from the attack in hospital.

Williams was given an indeterminate sentence with a minimum term of six years.

A 17-year-old, also accused of attempted murder, possessing a firearm with intent and possessing a prohibited weapon, was cleared of all charges. Both teenagers had denied all charges.

'Shamed' boy guilty of shooting
19 Mar 08 |  London

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