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Chip fat fuels 'fat-finding' trip

Andy Pag
Andy Pag (l) wants to encourage more people to use bio-fuels.

Chip fat and cooking oil will fuel an environmentally friendly "Grease to Greece" motor rally this summer.

Londoner Andy Pag will head a team of 30 cars travelling to the Mediterranean shores powered only by chip fat and cooking oil.

They will then have to scrounge more oil from restaurants and burger bars to complete their two week journey from the UK to Greece.

It is billed as the first 'Fat-Finding' mission ever tried across Europe.

Organiser Andy Pag, 34, from Croydon, south London, told BBC London: "The idea is to see if using waste vegetable oil for long distances is practical and feasible, and to have a bit of a laugh on the way. We want to do a banger rally with no carbon footprints."

'Tight regulations'

The teams will also be allowed to resort to biodiesel and in emergencies buy fresh cooking oil from supermarkets during the journey, scheduled for 16 August.

Mr Pag added: Germany and Austria have quite tight regulations so restaurants might not be able to give out their waste to just anyone.

"We've done some research but part of the challenge is to wing it really. I'm sure we'll be pushing the car a fair bit anyway!"

They hope to travel through Germany, Austria following the Adriatic coast down to Greece.

Last year Mr Pag drove a truck from the UK to Timbuktu powered by bio-fuel made from waste chocolate.

"Teams that enter the challenge do not have to modify their engines, but if they do, it will be easier for them to completely avoid using fossil fuels for the whole journey." said Mr Pag.

The rally organisers' website explains that being environmentally friendly is just one of the advantages of using vegetable oil.

Running your vehicle on vegetable oil is also cheaper.


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