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Last Updated: Thursday, 27 March 2008, 18:00 GMT
Madonna fumes at London transport
Madonna in concert in 2005
The 49-year-old singer has lived in London for several years
Pop singer Madonna has launched a stinging attack on London's transport system, including the congestion charge and the Tube.

The singer, who has a London home, said traffic was worse than ever in an interview with Q magazine.

She said: "I would make it so that young musicians, aspiring musicians wouldn't have to pay the congestion charge or pay taxes."

The mayor's office said the congestion charge had prevented gridlock.

Madonna said: "Will Ken Livingstone get my vote? No. The traffic in London is worse than ever now. All Red Ken wants is roadworks going on everywhere."

She added: "Don't use The Tube; can't use the roads? No. I'll just have to walk I guess."

Friends of the Earth London campaigner Jenny Bates said of the star's most recent complaint: "The C-charge has reduced congestion and cut carbon dioxide emissions."

A spokesman for the Mayor said: "If we hadn't had the C-charge we would now be in gridlock. The roadworks she refers to are long overdue."

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