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Truck lens for spotting cyclists
Fresnel Lens
Drivers can spot cyclists who come up on their left
Stick-on lenses which allow truck drivers to spot cyclists in their "blind spot" have been handed out.

Transport for London (TfL) has handed out 10,000 stickers, called Fresnel Lens, to HGV drivers.

The sticker, which needs to be put on the passenger side window of the truck cab, allows drivers to see cyclists coming up on their left.

TfL said every year collisions between cyclists and trucks accounted for half of all cycle fatalities.

Deaths by collision

Every day about 480,000 cycle journeys are made in London, TfL said.

Truck driver Geoff Sales said: "What tends to happen is that they come on the inside of you and they get lost in the blind spot...Your side mirrors don't pick them up and your rear view mirrors don't pick them up."

In 2007, nine out of 16 cyclists who died in the city's roads were involved in a collision with a HGV.

In 2006, the death toll stood at nine out of 19, TfL said.

David Brown, TfL's director of Surface Transport, said: "Our new cycle safety campaign is designed to give both cyclists and goods vehicles drivers the practical tools they need to be safe and be seen on London's roads."

Gordon Telling, from the Freight Transport Association, said: "Using similar lenses has been highly effective in reducing vehicle collisions on the motorway and we are confident that today's initiative will reduce injuries and fatalities for cyclists."

How the device will work

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