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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 March 2008, 08:26 GMT
Man sues M&S for 300K over grape
An accountant is suing Marks & Spencer for more than 300,000 after claiming he injured himself during a shopping trip by slipping on a grape.

Alexander Martin-Sklan, 55, from Golders Green, north London, tore the tendon in his right leg in the car park of his local branch in June 2004.

He said a piece of fruit found on his shoe after the fall could have been picked up inside the store or car park.

The retail giant is contesting the High Court claim.

Mr Martin-Sklan, who is representing himself, is claiming for lost earnings on top of his general damages, because "loss of confidence" and depression following his injury led to him being unable to recruit new clients and contacts for his business.

He also said the physical effects stopped him from skiing and playing football or tennis.

The hearing is set to last two days.

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