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Stabbed Pc had seen 'intruders'
Fadi Nasri and Nisha Patel-Nasri on their wedding day
Fadi Nasri is accused of having his wife killed
A special constable said she saw intruders at her home days before she was stabbed to death, her brother has told the Old Bailey.

Katen Patel said his sister Nisha Patel-Nasri found some men inside the front porch of her home late at night.

The officer's husband, Fadi Nasri, denies murdering her.

Mr Patel said in court the couple used to behave like "lovebirds" but he detected a change in Mr Nasri after the killing and came to "detest" him.

Mr Nasri, 34, is accused of organising his wife's stabbing in May 2006.

Mr Patel said his sister said the intruders claimed to be looking for someone called Paul but left when she said nobody by that name lived there.

Escort agency

Speaking about his sister's relationship with her husband, Mr Patel said: "Their relationship was like two lovebirds."

But after the murder Mr Nasri "kept disappearing" and soon Mr Patel came to "detest" him, the court heard.

The day after her stabbing, as she was being treated in hospital, her husband went back to their home to get some socks and a diamond watch, Mr Patel told the court.

Mr Patel also said that months before his sister's death Mr Nasri, who ran a limousine business, had been threatened by a woman after a business deal went wrong and she also warned she would "slit your wife's throat".

Mr Nasri had started a dating agency which Mr Patel perceived to be an escort agency.

The court has been told Mr Nasri was having an affair and wanted to cash in a 350,000 life insurance policy.

It is claimed he used drug dealer Rodger Leslie as a go-between to organise the killing by nightclub doorman Jason Jones, who was alleged to have been driven to the scene by a fourth man, Tony Emmanuel.

Mr Leslie, 38, of Barnet, Mr Emmanuel, 42, of East Ham, east London, and Mr Jones, 36, of Manor Park, east London, all deny murder.

The case continues.

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