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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 February 2008, 18:00 GMT
Consultant cleared of dishonesty
The General Medical Council has thrown out allegations of dishonesty against a London cardiologist who charged private patients for free trial equipment.

Dr Kevin Beatt, a Hammersmith Hospital consultant, implanted stents into 11 private angioplasty patients who were not part of a trial, a tribunal heard.

He then charged them or their insurance companies a total of 25,400, which he asked to be paid into his own account.

The panel said there was no evidence he had intended to keep the money.

He had to be reminded by his secretary at least twice before transferring money into the appropriate research fund, it heard.

Lawyers for Dr Beatt applied to have the case thrown out, arguing not enough evidence had been presented to support allegations that he had acted dishonestly.

The panel agreed, accepting that there was nothing to prevent Dr Beatt using the stents in private patients.

It also ruled that although it was "very concerned" that Dr Beatt did not promptly transfer the money, the delay was not enough to support an allegation of dishonesty.

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