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'Evil Bellfield blighted our lives'
Former bouncer Levi Bellfield, 39, has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering two young women and trying to kill another in south-west London.

Ahead of his sentencing, the Old Bailey heard, in what are known as impact statements, details of how the lives of the surviving victim and relatives of the dead women have been blighted.


Marsha McDonnell
Ms McDonnell was on a gap year when she died

The family of 19-year-old Marsha McDonnell described her murder as an "act of pure evil" with no explanation or justification.

She had completed her A-levels and was taking a gap year before starting university when she was killed just yards from her home in 2003.

Marsha uncle's Shane said: "On his way to the hospital the night of her attack, Phil [Marsha's father] had to pass the blood-soaked scene 60 yards from his home.

"The street where they lived for over 20 years and raised all their children is forever tainted and every day provides a grim reminder of that fateful night."

Marsha's siblings Nathalie, Maya, and Jack, who were 21, 15 and five respectively when their sister was killed, would "never know what it means to walk carefree down a street again".


Amelie Delagrange
Miss Delagrange came to London to improve her English

After passing her baccalaureate "with ease", 22-year-old Amelie Delagrange was keen to move to Britain from France to indulge her passion for English.

"I was proud of her, of her intention to travel alone like a mature adult," said her mother Dominique Delagrange. "We did not want to let her go but it was not possible to stand in her way."

She had been living in Twickenham for just three months when she was murdered.

"Our world fell apart on the 19th August 2004," Mrs Delagrange said.

Family members of the murdered women and one of the survivors tell of the effect the attacks have had on their lives
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Amelie wanted to marry, have children and her sister to be the godmother of her first child - "so many unfulfilled hopes which are now intangible," her mother said.

"A stone will never be placed on [her grave] in the secret hope that Amelie will thus remain in our hearts the playful being, full of laughter, loved by her parents, relatives and friends, resting in the midst of crocuses that she so loved to pick in the spring," she added.

"Her loss is an open wound that will never heal. We shall never get over it."


Kate Sheedy
Kate Sheedy suffered serious injuries when she was run over

Kate Sheedy has suffered mentally and physically ever since being run over by Levi Bellfield in 2004.

She was left with a punctured lung, her liver was crushed and her back was torn open.

"For a period of several months I suffered really bad panic attacks, flashbacks and nightmares," she said.

"I couldn't be alone at all, even during the day. Even now I will not go out alone if it is dark, I'm too frightened to."

She was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and mild depression and missed her place at university.

She said: "I found this very hard to deal with as all my friends had moved away and I was at home almost unable to do anything for myself.

"I suffered major muscle damage to my back and it took many months to rebuild these muscles and they are still not as strong as they were and may never get back to full strength.

"It still hurts to sit upright in a straight chair for any longer than an hour. This causes problems when I do things like going to the cinema."

She was granted her predicted grades, AAB, by the exam board and is now studying at York University.

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