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Neighbour helped dying special Pc
Fadi Nasri and Nisha Patel-Nasri on their wedding day
Fadi Nasri is accused of having his wife killed
The neighbour of a special constable has told of his attempts to stop her bleeding to death outside her house.

Luca Thompson found Nisha Patel-Nasri wounded after hearing her scream. He tried to stem the blood flow with his dressing gown, the Old Bailey heard.

Her husband Fadi Nasri, 34, of Barnet, north London, denies murder. He is accused of organising her killing.

The court previously heard he was having an affair and wanted to cash in a 350,000 life insurance policy.

It is claimed that he used drug dealer Rodger Leslie as a go-between to organise the killing by nightclub doorman Jason Jones, driven to the scene by a fourth man, Tony Emmanuel.

Piercing screams

Mr Thompson described how he went to Mrs Patel-Nasri's aid after hearing her piercing screams when she was stabbed in May 2006.

The electrician, who lived next door to her in Sudbury Avenue, Wembley, north London, said he was in bed with his wife Geraldine when he heard the high-pitched cries at 2345 BST and thought it could be children playing.

"There was one single scream, then the second scream. I got up and looked out of the window and I saw Nisha outside."

Mr Thompson said the screaming continued as he grabbed his dressing gown and ran downstairs.

'Difficulty breathing'

"She was staggering with her right hand over her stomach, she was standing up, eventually she fell.

"She was breathing slowly, taking deep breaths with difficulty, but she wasn't talking so I was trying to get her to talk and tell me her name."

His wife Geraldine called 999 and paramedics were there in ten minutes.

Mr Thompson said he had spoken to Fadi Nasri before and knew he owned two limousines and a red Ferrari kept at the back of the house.

Mr Nasri, of Barnet, north London, Mr Leslie, 38, of Barnet, Mr Emmanuel, 42, of East Ham, east London, and Mr Jones, 36, of Manor Park, east London, all deny murder.

The case continues.

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