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Mother's pride for co-pilot son
John Coward
All 136 passengers and 16 crew on the flight survived the crash
The mother of the co-pilot who safely crash-landed a British Airways plane at Heathrow Airport has spoken of her pride at the bravery of her son.

First officer John Coward's mother Myrene said: "I would put my life in his hands." He "was definitely the right man for the job," she added.

On Thursday Mr Coward landed the Boeing 777 just inside Heathrow's fence after the engines failed to respond.

"I'm very proud of him and what he's done," said Mrs Coward.

'Cool head'

She said from her home in Warminster, Wiltshire: "He's always been calm in a crisis. He was definitely the right man for the job.

"He's a very unassuming man," she added.

Mrs Coward said her 41-year-old son had always dreamed of becoming a pilot and joined British Airways when he was 22.

She said: "He loves his job and he's very proud to be a pilot."

All 136 passengers and 16 crew on the flight survived the emergency landing. One person suffered a broken leg and others received minor injuries during the emergency evacuation.

An initial report by the Air Accident Investigations Branch (AAIB) said the engines failed to respond to demands for increased thrust from the crew.

A more detailed analysis of the flight recorder is under way.

Air accident investigators examine crash site

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