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Wife killed 'over cyber affair'
A husband stabbed his wife 10 times after he found out she was having a "cyber relationship" with another man, the Old Bailey has heard.

Aygul Dogan, 23, from Stoke Newington, begged her husband Kemal Dogan, 35, to forgive her after he found her baring her body on the web, the jury heard.

On their way home, Mr Dogan allegedly told his wife her life was at an end.

Mr Dogan, who was infertile, denies his wife's murder in December 2005 on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

This is a clear case of murder by a jealous and angry husband as a result of his wife's perceived infidelity
Brian O'Neill, prosecuting

The couple, from Stamford Hill, north London, married in their native Turkey in 1997 but had no children, apparently because of his infertility, Brian O'Neill, prosecuting, said.

He said: "In the weeks leading up to the night when his wife was killed this factor appears to have begun to become a strain upon their relationship.

"In addition to that - and perhaps more significantly - there is evidence that the deceased woman was involved in a cyber relationship over the internet with another man in Turkey.

"The defendant became aware of this on the night that he killed his wife and that factor seems to have been the direct cause of the fatal stabbing."

The kebab shop manager claims that he was suffering from clinical depression at the time of his wife's death.

But Mr O'Neill said: "The prosecution submits that this is a clear case of murder by a jealous and angry husband as a result of his wife's perceived infidelity."

The court heard that when the couple made their way home Mr Dogan told his wife her "battery was finished".

Once home, they watched a family wedding video together with visitors and served tea and nuts.

Mrs Dogan was dead 20 minutes after the visitors left, the jury heard.

The trial continues.

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