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Singer's son 'grabbed car's keys'
Otis Ferry
Otis Ferry grabbed the car's keys as it stopped, the court heard
A paparazzi photographer has told a court he and a colleague were stuck on a road for hours when Otis Ferry snatched their car's ignition keys.

Charles Pycraft and Ben Brett were trailing actress Sienna Miller in February when the incident happened, West London Magistrates' Court heard.

Mr Pycraft said Mr Ferry, 25, of Cross Houses, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, snatched and then discarded the keys.

Mr Ferry, son of singer Bryan Ferry, denies two charges of criminal damage.

Ms Miller, who was a "critical witness" was unable to attend the hearing, the court was told.

Mr Ferry wanted to prevent the photographers from taking Ms Miller's pictures as she left Boujis nightclub in South Kensington, the court heard.

His action left the two men stranded for hours at a traffic signal which led to an obstruction, the court heard.

Ben Brett
Ben Brett and Charles Pycraft were stranded on the road

Mr Ferry faces charges of causing criminal damage worth 180, the cost incurred for a new set of keys, and a further 500.

The court heard Ms Miller, who is a friend of Mr Ferry's brother Isaac, left the club in a car which was followed by Mr Ferry's car.

Both Ferry brothers were in the car, the court heard.

The photographers had stopped at a traffic light while tailing Ms Miller's car about a mile from the club when Mr Ferry approached their car.

Mr Pycraft said he wound down the window when Mr Ferry approached the car and Mr Ferry then grabbed the keys.

"He was too quick and I wasn't expecting someone to do that when I was behind a police van," he said.

'Speculative business'

Mr Ferry told officers Ms Miller had sent a text saying she did not want the paparazzi to know her new address, prosecutor David Bedenham said.

Mr Pycraft also sent police an invoice for 15,000 saying it was for potential loss of income.

When cross-examined he said: "It's a speculative business".

He added he thought Isaac Ferry and Ms Miller may have been in an "amorous relationship".

Mr Brett said: "A man aggressively got out of the passenger door and charged towards my door.

"I believed him to be drunk at the time," he added.

Earlier Phillip Lucas, for the defence, said the actress - who was "a critical witness" - had sent a text saying she would be unavailable for the hearing.

District Judge David Simpson adjourned the trial until Wednesday.

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