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Death-cheating cat dubbed bionic
X-Ray of cat
Baby's x-ray showing the inserted metal implants (photo: Bill Osment)
A cat who was fitted with metal plates in all four legs after surviving two 21ft falls has been dubbed "bionic".

Six-year-old Baby fractured her back legs after falling from a window in her south London home in September.

The domestic short-haired cat had a metal plate and screws inserted at the Blue Cross animal hospital in Victoria.

To the surprise of vets, an X-ray showed she had two implants in her front legs, inserted after a similar plunge when she was a kitten.

Extremely lucky

Vets said Baby was making a good recovery but will need further surgery to her hind legs to remove some temporary implants.

Jess Gower with Baby the cat
Ms Gower said Baby was extremely lucky (photo: Bill Osment)

Jess Gower, Blue Cross chief veterinary surgeon, said Baby was "extremely lucky".

"A cat falling from this height will commonly sustain severe injuries, so we were stunned to find it was the second time she had done it," she said.

"Now she has metal implants in all four legs, so the staff decided to call her the 'bionic cat'.

"She's had two lucky escapes but needs to be very careful to keep her remaining lives intact."

The hospital advises that pets should never be allowed to rest on balconies or window ledges if they are above ground level.

It said cats in particular are easily spooked by sudden noises and this could cause them to bolt and slip.

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