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Girl 'fought off bus stop killer'
Anna-Maria Rennie
Anna-Maria Rennie now lives in Spain
A teenage girl fought off and escaped from a man accused of killing other women near bus stops, a court heard.

Anna-Maria Rennie was 17 when she was grabbed by a man who tried to drag her into a car in Twickenham, west London in 2001, she told the Old Bailey.

"I was kicking and screaming as much as I could to get away. I was scared."

Levi Bellfield, 39, from west London, denies the false imprisonment and kidnap of Miss Rennie as well as two murders and two attempted murders.

He picked me up from the floor and was walking towards the car
Anna-Maria Rennie

Miss Rennie had gone out to "calm down" after a late night row with her boyfriend when a car pulled up and a man got out and offered her a lift.

"He put his arm round and I screamed," she said. "He put his hand over my mouth.

"He picked me up from the floor and was walking towards the car, which was now parked in the lay-by with its back passenger door open."

'I was crying'

Miss Rennie managed to free herself just before they got to the car and she ran home.

She said: "I was still scared. I was tired, very nervous. I was crying and shaking.

"I did not leave the house for many weeks after. I was not confident."

Miss Rennie, who picked out Mr Bellfield from an identity parade, said she had since moved to Spain.

"I have always been a confident, open person but for a time after that, it destroyed that," she told the court.

'Sudden' violence

Brian Altman, prosecuting, told the jury the attacker targeted young blonde women on buses or at bus stops.

When he attacked them, the violence was "sudden and overwhelming", he told the court.

He denies murdering students Amelie Delagrange, 22, in August 2004, and Marsha McDonnell, 19, in February 2003.

He also denies the attempted murders of Kate Sheedy, 18, in 2004, and Irma Dragoshi, 16, in 2003, as well as causing greivous bodily harm to Miss Dragoshi.

The case continues.

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