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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 October 2007, 16:53 GMT 17:53 UK
Peace camp moved on amid scuffles
Brian Haw
Brian Haw has camped on the site since 2001
Anti-war protesters camped outside the Houses of Parliament have clashed with police after being moved on.

About 15 Greater London Authority (GLA) officials and 10 police officers moved onto the site on Wednesday afternoon.

Demonstrators shouted "Shame on you" through loudspeakers as their belongings were moved.

An official stressed that they were taking no action against veteran peace campaigner Brian Haw who has camped on the site since 2001.

Mr Haw recently won a High Court battle to maintain his six-year vigil after attempts by the government to move him were ruled as "unclear and unworkable".

They said they were enforcing a bylaw which prevents the protest staying on the grass in Parliament Square.

"They are only allowed to be on the pavement," said a GLA official.

Mr Haw's colourful anti-war display, which is on the pavement across the road from St Stephen's Tower, was left untouched.

However, the rest of the encampment - which was on the grass - was removed.

Parliament peace campers evicted
17 Aug 07 |  UK Politics

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