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Last Updated: Tuesday, 2 October 2007, 09:17 GMT 10:17 UK
Doherty gets chance to kick drugs
Pete Doherty
Doherty is the lead singer of Babyshambles
Pete Doherty's sentencing for drug and motoring offences has been postponed to allow him to tackle his drug addiction.

The singer has admitted driving illegally while in possession of crack cocaine, heroin, ketamine and cannabis in Kensington, west London, on 5 May.

Doherty's lawyer said his client would be able to finish a drug rehabilitation plan before appearing at West London's Magistrates' Court on 26 October.

The Babyshambles frontman has been warned he could face a jail term.

The court knows he's tested negative for drugs throughout his residential programme - that's six weeks now
Sean Curran, Pete Doherty's lawyer

Sean Curran, the singer's lawyer, said District Judge Davinder Lachhar accepted his plea to adjourn the sentencing on Wednesday evening after Doherty tested negative during his six-week drugs treatment.

"Pete's doing very, very well, extremely well and he wants to give himself a chance.

"The court knows he's tested negative for drugs throughout his residential programme - that's six weeks now.

"The judge wants to see how he's keeping after the aftercare before he goes back for them to assess him."

Charges dropped

The musician will finish his residential drug rehabilitation programme on Thursday and will then enrol in an aftercare programme which will finish on 20 October.

Doherty was due to be sentenced last month but that hearing was adjourned after he failed to appear in court due to receiving treatment at a rehabilitation clinic.

On 21 August, further charges against Doherty relating to him breaking the terms of his bail conditions were dropped by a court.

He was held by police in east London after performing at the V Festival, but the 24-hour limit for bringing the charges to court was exceeded.

Doherty will be sentenced at West London Magistrates' Court.

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