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Life sentence for Kiyan's killer
Hannad Hasan
Hannad Hasan stabbed Kiyan Prince with a penknife
A teenager has been given a life sentence for murdering 15-year-old schoolboy footballer Kiyan Prince.

Hannad Hasan, 17, stabbed Kiyan in the heart when he intervened in a play fight outside the London Academy School in Edgware, north London, in May 2006.

Hasan, from Colindale, north London, had admitted manslaughter but denied murder, claiming it was an accident. He was convicted of murder on 2 July.

He was told at the Old Bailey he would have to serve at least 13 years.

This is yet another case of a wholly unprovoked stabbing in a public place, by a person who produced a knife and plunged it into the heart of their unarmed victim
Judge Paul Worsley

Hasan, who went to the same school as Kiyan but was in the year above, trapped the teenager in a headlock and produced a penknife which he described as a "little toy" which he used to stab the victim in his heart.

The court had heard that less than two weeks before the stabbing Hasan had threatened to stab a girl during a trivial dispute over a bus seat.

The police and the Crown Prosecution Service are holding an inquiry into a "catastrophic" failure which meant the court could not hear evidence about this.

In addition, six days before stabbing Kiyan, Hasan had been excluded from his school for assaulting pupils and urinating in front of a teacher.

At the Old Bailey on Thursday, Judge Paul Worsley said Hasan, who lived with his mother, would only be released when it was clear that he was no longer a risk to the public.

Kiyan Prince
Kiyan was a striker for QPR's youth team

On release, the judge said Hasan, who was said to be obsessed with Somalian gang culture, including the gang that killed Pc Sharon Beshenivsky, would then be deported to his native Somalia.

"This is yet another case of a wholly unprovoked stabbing in a public place, by a person who produced a knife and plunged it into the heart of their unarmed victim."

He added: "Taking the life of another is always a terrible thing, taking the life of a talented, popular 15-year-old schoolboy who was known to you and who had done you no wrong and had everything to live for defies description.

"You have deprived his family and schoolfriends of a role model."

Det Ch Insp Alistair Tully, from the Metropolitan Police said: "Kiyan Prince was a young man with everything to live for. He was a talented footballer and all-round athlete. His life was cut short by another young man who was all too willing to arm himself with a knife in a show of bravado.

"He held Kiyan in a headlock before stabbing him twice, once in the arm, the other in the chest, which resulted in Kiyan's death.

'Beautiful child'

After the hearing, Mr Prince said the family was "ecstatic, over the moon" at the sentence.

Kiyan's mother Tracy Cumberbatch also said she was very happy with the sentence.

"We've got closure and now we can move on and do things more positive in Kiyan's memory. Justice has been done and I was very grateful," she said. She said her son would be remembered as "a beautiful child and a very, very exceptional role model".

Hasan was convicted after three trials.

Jurors could not reach a verdict in the first trial and the second collapsed when the victim's father, Mark Prince, approached a woman juror on her way home.

The killer's history of violent behaviour

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