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Victim's sister 'living in fear'
Miss Bekhal Mahmod
Banaz's sister Bekhal was also beaten by her uncle
The sister of a young woman murdered in an "honour" killing has said she fears she will never be safe again.

Bekhal Mahmod, 22, spoke on the day her father Mahmod Mahmod and uncle Ari Mahmod were sentenced to life for killing Banaz Mahmod.

Both were ordered to serve a minimum of 20 and 23 years respectively for killing Banaz because she fell in love with a fellow Kurd.

Bekhal said she had not been able to stop thinking about the crime.

She said: "Since Banaz's disappearance, I can honestly say there has not been one night which has passed without me having nightmares about what happened to her.

"Because of the circumstances surrounding Banaz's death, I know I will never be safe again and I will constantly have to look over my shoulder."

Banaz Mahmod Babakir Agha
Banaz was tortured and raped before she was killed

She added: "My life will never be the same again. At least now she can rest like an angel."

Banaz's boyfriend Rahmat Sulemani said he had tried to commit suicide more than once.

"We were going to get married and have children," he said.

"We hoped for a girl and boy and had even chosen their names.

"She was the best thing that happened to me and having her in my life was all I could wish for.

"From the day Banaz disappeared, I broke down on the inside and I felt I had nothing to live for. I was lost without her."

Mr Sulemani, who escaped an attempt to kidnap and kill him, said he now led a lonely life, not trusting anyone enough to make friends and constantly looking over his shoulder.

Banaz's body was found in a suitcase buried in a garden in Birmingham.

A pre-sentencing hearing held on Thursday revealed she had been raped and tortured before being killed.

A third killer, Mohamad Hama, 31, from South Norwood in south London, was told he would spend at least 17 years behind bars.


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