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Gun cache stored in boy's bedroom
A gunman is facing jail after a mother accused him of forcing her to store a "lethal" arsenal of weapons at the foot of her son's bed, a court has heard.

Marvin Wallace, 29, who was found guilty of possessing a shotgun, is said to have threatened the woman and her family if she did not hide the haul.

Rachael Jacobs, 22, was cleared of 12 charges at Inner London Crown Court.

Wallace, of Park Street, Elephant and Castle, south London, will be sentenced on 18 July.

Under duress

When police raided the flat in October 2005, they found a gym bag in the boy's bedroom containing four handguns, a shotgun, one silencer and 97 rounds of ammunition.

The haul included a Belgian Browning pistol, fully-loaded and "ready to go" and a German Weihrauch gas cartridge revolver.

Jurors heard the revolver, which had been converted to fire live rounds, also contained two dum-dum bullets which are designed to expand on impact and cause horrific injuries.

Ms Jacobs, of Gaywood Street, Elephant and Castle, accepted she had been "stupid" but insisted she had acted under "duress".

Warning message

The mother-of-one said the guns had been hidden in her flat without her knowledge for about two months before the raid.

She said soon after finding them Wallace phoned warning her not to touch the guns, bullets and cartridges or tell anybody about them.

Wallace said she and those closest to her would be in danger if she disobeyed him, she added.

Ms Jacobs was cleared of 12 charges, six of which related to possessing five prohibited firearms and the silencer.

The remaining charges related to the stored ammunition which included six "dum-dums", 22 shotgun cartridges and 69 nine mm calibre bullets.

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