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Met officers caught drink-driving
A police officer holds a breath test kit
Most of the 36 convicted officers have left the force
One police officer in London was found guilty of drink driving every month during the past three years.

Most of the 36 officers convicted between May 2004 and April 2007 have been sacked or resigned, said a Metropolitan Police spokesman.

The figures were obtained by BBC London under the Freedom of Information Act.

The government has led a hard-hitting campaign to change drinking habits and campaigners said the police convictions undermined that message.

In a force of 31,000 officers, the drink drive conviction rate over the three-year period is 0.1%.

Firm action

Of the 36 officers, 22 were required to resign, two were sacked, two retired, one was reduced in rank, one was reprimanded and three were fined.

Four officers resigned or retired without facing formal disciplinary proceedings.

Despite having first hand information on just how drinking and driving wrecks lives, these officers have chosen to drink and drive
Tony Dring, anti drink-drive campaigner

No further disciplinary action was taken against one officer, said the Met Police spokesman.

Tony Dring, of the Campaign Against Drinking and Driving (CADD), described the figures as "frightening".

"Despite having first hand information on just how drinking and driving wrecks lives, these officers have chosen to drink and drive," he said.

"They ran the risk of killing and injuring not just themselves but innocent people as well.

"Not only do they drag themselves down but they drag all the other very worthy officers right down into the gutter where they go."

However, he said he was encouraged by the force's firm action against the offending officers.

In a statement, the Met Police said it "expects the highest standard of professionalism and integrity at all times from its officers, the vast majority of whom are committed and hardworking.

"Any instance where the conduct of our officers falls below this standard is treated extremely seriously in line with [Met Police] disciplinary policy."

Campaigners say Met officers should be setting a better example

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