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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 June 2007, 21:33 GMT 22:33 UK
Congestion charge 'world's best'
London traffic
Plans for a congestion charge in New York are "moving quickly"
The governor of New York has described London's congestion charge as "the best in the world".

Speaking at a joint press conference in New York with environment secretary David Miliband, Elliott Spitzer said he wanted a similar scheme in New York.

He said the UK's stance on green issues was also "more advanced" than the US.

Mr Miliband said he felt a "sense of privilege" to hear the governor's determination to make New York state a real leader on low carbon emissions.

Mr Spitzer said: "London is the best example that we have internationally of congestion pricing and how it works, and how we can use market forces to alter transportation policy and move the environment in the right direction."

Plans to introduce a similar scheme in New York were "moving quickly" but there were "still some issues", he revealed.

He also said he had talked to Mr Miliband about the opportunities that existed for New York state to work with the UK government in "forging environmental policies that will move us to the next chapter".

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