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Last Updated: Thursday, 31 May 2007, 08:20 GMT 09:20 UK
Stop and search powers 'damaging'
Police searching a man
Suspects who do not co-operate could face a 5,000 fine
Stop and search powers will still be used in London despite a report finding they harm community relations.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) review said on balance the powers under the Terrorism Act 2000 are "necessary".

More details about how they are being employed, and revised guidelines for Met officers, will be released at a Metropolitan Police Authority meeting.

New powers to allow police to stop and question suspects are currently being considered by the government.

These powers would be similar to those already used in Northern Ireland and anyone refusing to give their name or explain what they were doing could be fined up to 5,000.

22,672 stops were conducted by the Met between September 2005-6
As a result, 27 arrests were made for terrorism-related offences
95% of people stopped are men
An Asian person is 30% more likely to be stopped than a white person
None of the 19 complaints made since 2000 have been upheld

The results of a review into how the police use counter-terrorism stop and search measures in London are to be presented to the Metropolitan Police Authority on Thursday.

Members will hear how officers must be able to stop people without reasonable suspicion, in some circumstances.

Len Duvall, chair of the MPA, said protecting the capital needed the support of residents as well as the government.

He said there was clear evidence that section 44 powers were undermining community trust and reducing understanding of police counter-terrorism work.

"While there is profound support across all communities for the police's counter-terrorist effort, there is also a real fragility to public trust in the authorities," he said.

"If the Metropolitan Police is to tackle terrorism effectively, it must harness this community support and recognise this fragility."

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27 May 07 |  UK Politics

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