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Seeking out London's global roots
Alex Horne and Owen Powell
The pair are keen to meet citizens from the world's smaller nations
Two comedians have launched an appeal for help in their quest to find a citizen from every country in the world who lives and works in London.

Alex Horne and Owen Powell began their project seven months ago in their bid to prove London as the most diverse and cosmopolitan city in the world.

So far, the pair have found 84 foreign nationals and have leads on another 16.

The United Nations recognises 192 countries - so the comedians have reached halfway through their search.

'Wet, cold city'

The pair have very strict rules which govern their search.

"We're not allowed to visit any embassies," said Alex. "The people we meet have got to live and work here and have a passport from their country."

In particular, the pair are very keen to find citizens from some of the smaller nations.

"We're finding there's lots of small countries that are hard to find for example Palau, Naura and Kiribati in the Pacific," said Owen. "These are all very small pacific island nations and we're hoping somebody from these countries has now come to London and lives here."

Owen said: "We want to prove that London is the most cosmopolitan city in the world and therefore we think the best city in the world - the city that acts as a magnet to attract people from all over the globe to this wonderful wet, cold city that we live in."

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