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Big Issue owner unveils manifesto
John Bird, founder of The Big Issue
Mr Bird is the founder of the Big Issue magazine
Careless businesses will be issued with anti-social behaviour orders (Asbos), independent London mayor candidate John Bird has said.

Mr Bird said he would use his powers to take on businesses, such as supermarkets who disturb residents with early morning deliveries.

He also revealed he would hold a referendum to decide whether to continue with the congestion charge.

The Big Issue magazine founder unveiled his manifesto in central London.

"There is a sense that we are being pushed around because it was imposed upon us, in a Stalinist way," he said of the congestion charge.

Human approach

Speaking at his campaign launch at HMS President near Blackfriars Bridge, Mr Bird said he wants to place the family "at the heart of every policy".

"The family is the bedrock of our London," he said. "If we lose our children and families we lose control of London."

He said his manifesto, Family and Children First, Please, was inspired by the Swedish example.

"London needs the same human approach," it read. "We need to look at London as a host of family activities."

Mr Bird said he wanted to enter into a partnership with Londoners all working together to improve their city.

"Often we forget that it is not just individuals who are anti-social," his manifesto said.

"Corporations, businesses, even local authorities can contribute to the anti-social problems of a community.

"We will issue Asbos against any business or government body that destroys neighbourhoods," he said.

"Socially-thoughtful businesses are the lifeblood of all good communities and we shall encourage them."

The London mayoral elections are due to take place in 2008.


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