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Man killed in 'violence campaign'
Victim Peter Woodhams
Peter Woodhams had been stabbed in the neck six months before
A father shot dead outside his home, after confronting youths, had been stabbed in a similar incident six months earlier, the Old Bailey heard.

Peter Woodhams, 22, of Canning Town, London, died in the "final chapter" of a campaign of violence and bullying against his family, the court was told.

He was shot four times by Bradley Tucker, 18, in August, it was alleged.

Mr Tucker, of Canning Town, and a youth aged 17, said to have been a lookout, both deny murder and firearms offences.

The older teenager has admitted manslaughter but his plea was not accepted by the Crown, the jury was told.

A group of local youths made Mr Woodhams' life and those of his family a complete misery
Brian Altman, prosecuting

Brian Altman, opening the case, said: "Shooting him dead was the final chapter in this campaign of violence and bullying that had permeated Mr Woodhams' life over that period of time.

"Clearly Mr Woodhams had had enough.

"It appeared very much as if he had set out to confront the group of youths who he considered had been responsible for plaguing him. As a result he lost his life."

Eyewitnesses had seen Mr Woodhams involved in a confrontation with a group of young men while wearing a fluorescent jacket, the court heard.

"Shots were fired and Mr Woodhams moved as if to trying to dodge the bullets before collapsing to the ground," Mr Altman said.

He added the victim had been "subject to bullying by a group of local youths who had made Mr Woodhams' life and those of his family a complete misery".

No-one was apprehended over the stabbing on 21 January, he said.

'Ranting and raving'

The court heard that earlier, Mr Woodhams had confronted the teenagers after a 14-year-old youth, a member of the gang said to have been bullying him, kicked a football into his path as he drove, causing him to swerve.

He drove to a car park where they were and chased them off and later a witness, Trevor Jermain, heard Tucker's reaction to what had happened, the jury was told.

Mr Altman said: "He was ranting and raving. He was shouting something like, 'If he wants it he can have it, if he comes back round here he'll get it, I'll have him'."

Mr Woodhams returned home, where he lived with his fiancee Jane Bowden and their three-year-old son, and quickly ran out again. Ms Bowden then heard shots, Mr Altman said.

The case continues.

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