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Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 February 2007, 19:31 GMT
Indoor surfing centre for London
Concept image of the Surfdome
The Surfdome should take about 18 months to build
An huge indoor surf park boasting machine-generated waves is being planned for London.

The Surfdome, the first of its kind in Europe, will feature a 75m long pool recreating perfect surfing waves.

The centre will cater for all standards from beginners to professionals, the concept owners said.

Discussions have been taking place with developers in Stratford, Greenwich in east London and Wembley, north London, for a suitable site in the city.

Non-stop waves

The wave machine, developed by New Zealand-based firm ASR, can create breaking waves up to 8ft high.

Surfers will be able to ride a single wave for 60 metres without stopping, according to the centre's designers.

Like the UK's popular indoor ski slopes, the Surfdome will feature a huge retail space, including bars, restaurants and a climbing wall.

Surfdome founder Justin Stone said he believes his concept will make surfing as popular and as accessible as snowboarding.

"We see the future as Stadium Surfing with multi-national sponsors and broadcasters helping to push the sport in a similar fashion to snowboarding," he said.

The Surfdome will be similar to the Rons Jons Surf Park in Orlando, US, which is nearing completion.

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