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Last Updated: Monday, 12 February 2007, 15:36 GMT
Teenager sentenced for bus attack
A schoolgirl who kicked a 12-year-old girl unconscious on a bus while robbing her has been given a 10 month detention and training order.

The youth, 14, launched into a vicious attack to "reinforce her aura as boss" in front of her gang, a court was told.

The victim had a broken eye socket, bruised chest and swollen face after the attack in Mill Hill, north London.

The "ringleader" and another girl, 14, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were found guilty of robbery.

'Gratuitous violence'

Within minutes of boarding the bus the attacker and her pack of "intimidating" followers had surrounded the victim and a friend.

Despite her screams none of the other passengers came to help, London's Harrow Crown Court heard.

"They were absolutely isolated and frightened at the back of that bus," said Judge Ronald Moss.

He continued that after taking the child's bracelet the attacker "assaulted her...perhaps to reinforce the aura of intimidation, the aura you were the boss."

He said the "gratuitous" violence made a 10 month detention and training order unavoidable.

The second girl escaped a custodial sentence with an 18-month supervision order because she did not take part in the actual attack.

The victim's father said he had been "disgusted" by the attack and that he thought the sentences were appropriate. He said his daughter was now a "lot better".

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