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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 February 2007, 20:32 GMT
Man shot two in 'pavement rage'
A man shot a passer-by in an episode of "pavement rage", the Old Bailey has heard.

The bullet from the attack last May was still stuck in 43-year-old's Abu Kamara's neck near his spinal cord, said the prosecution.

The court heard that John Laidlaw, 24, of Sussex Way, Holloway, north London, fired his pistol at another man half an hour after firing on Mr Kamara.

Mr Laidlaw denies three counts of attempted murder and firearms charges.

Prosecutor Duncan Penny said Mr Laidlaw fired at Mr Kamara from a close range on Upper Street, Islington, after the latter's sports bag had brushed his friend.

Innocent public

"This was not so much road rage as pavement rage, he said.

"He took out a glove, put it on one of his hands and almost immediately produced from his waistband a pistol... pointed it at Mr Kamara's head and fired," Mr Penny told the jury.

He added that half an hour later the accused fired at another man, 22-year-old Evans Baptiste, in a tunnel near Finsbury Park Tube station in north London.

The bullet hit Emma Sheridan, 26, but stuck in her clothes, resulting in bruises.

"Twice within the space of just over half an hour, John Laidlaw shot at people with a pistol. On each occasion innocent members of the public were injured," Mr Penny said.

The trial was adjourned until Friday.

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