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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 January 2007, 12:45 GMT
Higher parking charges approved
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Several other London boroughs are considering similar schemes
Two north London boroughs have approved higher parking charges for residents who own 4x4s and other high emission CO2 vehicles.

Camden Council approved a raft of policies to encourage drivers to use more green-friendly cars.

Other measures include free annual parking permits for residents with electric cars.

In Haringey, annual residential parking permits will rise from 25 to 90 for owners of high emission cars.

Right policies

Residents in Camden who drive more polluting cars will pay almost two thirds more for the current cost of an annual parking permit which stands at 90.

The policies are among the first of their kind approved by a local authority in London and the UK.

"We know some people will be delighted with this policy, while others will respond with anger or scepticism", said Brian Haley, from Haringey Council. "But we firmly believe it is right that we should actively tackle global warming at a local level."

Several other London boroughs are considering similar initiatives.

Residents in Richmond, south-west London, were recently polled in a survey about a scheme which would see Jaguars, Mercedes or 4x4s incur three times the normal parking fee.

They narrowly voted for the idea - the proposals will now be decided by Richmond Council on Monday.

In Lambeth, plans are expected to be approved by the majority Labour-run council next month - with charges likely to be introduced between April and July.

Parking hike for polluting cars
05 Jan 07 |  London

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