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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 January 2007, 09:30 GMT
Mother and premature baby found
Janice Osho-Williams
Mother and son were found in south-east London
A mother and her premature baby who went missing after leaving a hospital in London have been found.

Janice Osho-Williams, 26, and her week-old baby boy Isiah, left St Thomas' Hospital, near Waterloo, on Wednesday morning.

Maternity staff were worried about Ms Osho-Williams' ability to care for her baby in the recent stormy weather.

Police found mother and son in the early hours of Thursday and both were said to be in good health.

Isiah was born on 9 January and had been receiving treatment because of his low birth weight.

Scotland Yard said mother and child were located at about 0545 GMT on Thursday at a residential address in south-east London.

A spokesman said: "Both mother and baby are safe and appear to be in good health. They have now returned to St Thomas' Hospital for further medical care."


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