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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 January 2007, 20:22 GMT
Woman rescued in Tube fall drama
Chuk Iwuji
Mr Iwuji is an actor with the Royal Shakespeare Company
An actor and an anonymous man were praised for rescuing a woman who fell on to a Tube line as the train was pulling into the platform.

Chuk Iwuji, 32, who is an actor with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and the other passenger rushed on the tracks to drag the woman to safety.

She was trapped after falling onto the tracks at Clapham Common station, in south London, on Monday morning.

The driver saw the incident and stopped in time, London Underground (LU) said.

Mr Iwuji, of Clapham, south London, said the train stopped just 20ft (6m) away from the woman who had fallen head-first.

'Trapped upside down'

"I heard a couple of screams which made me move my head to look round. This girl was on the tracks. It looked like she was doing some kind of head-stand.

"She was obviously trapped and could not move. She was upside down and it was when the train was just pulling in," he said.

He added that a man standing in front of him jumped on the tracks, which "triggered" him to follow.

An LU spokesperson said the woman was not in danger as the driver saw some disturbance on his CCTV camera and stopped before reaching the platform.

"We thank the two members of the public who helped this passenger. However, we would caution very strongly against people risking their lives by going onto the track, which is highly dangerous."

The woman was taken to St George's Hospital in Tooting, south London.

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