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Parking hike for polluting cars
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Most polluting cars could be charged up to 200 a year for parking
Owners of heavily polluting cars could be charged up to 200 for parking, according to proposals by a council.

Lambeth Council in south London is planning to charge "gas guzzlers" 74% more than the current standard parking permit charge of 60 per year.

The least polluting cars would pay less. If approved, the new charges could be introduced as soon as April.

The move comes after Richmond Council proposed to increase parking permit charges for its residents.

The council plans to charge the most polluting vehicles in the parts of the borough subject to controlled zones 300, up from the current 100 while the greenest cars would be exempt.

Those with more than one car would have to pay 50% more for extra permits. The matter is still in public consultation and a final decision is expected by the end of the month.

'Reducing emissions'

The Lambeth council said vehicles would be charged based on the national emission band rating which is used for taxing cars.

According to the new plans, cars in Band A will be charged 30, for Band B it will be 100, those in Band C will be asked to pay 115, for vehicles in Band D the parking fee will be 130, for Band E it will be 160 and those are in Band F will be charged 200 for the yearly parking permit.

Vehicles built before 2001 will fall in Band F if they are above 3,000cc, while any car above 1,550 cc will come in Band D while vehicles below 1,550cc will be classified as Band C.

Lambeth Council's cabinet member for environment and culture, councillor Lib Peck, said: "As a council we are developing policies designed to persuade people to limit non-essential car use, and to encourage people to think about how much cars pollute when they come to change their vehicle."

Councillor Nigel Haselden, deputy Cabinet member for transport and parking, said: "We believe this new policy combines with our strong support for car clubs to show Lambeth's determination to play its part in reducing London's emissions."

Parking charges in the council have remained unchanged for the past eight years.

The proposals will be placed in front of the council's cabinet on 8 January and if approved the new charges will come into effect between April and July.

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