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Ferrari ruined by act of revenge
A 65,000 Ferrari was destroyed by a company director who mistakenly thought it belonged to a business rival.

David Higgins, 48, repeatedly slammed his pick-up truck into the gleaming 550 Maranello at the Rosso Corsa Coachworks in Park Royal, north-west London.

His "moment of madness" happened after an angry cash dispute with the garage's owner Richard Lukins, a court heard.

Mr Higgins, of Middlesex, admitted unlawfully destroying the vehicle last August and was fined 1,000 plus costs.

'Very stupid'

The court heard that after the damage had been done, Higgins, who runs a central heating firm, sat back, phoned the police and waited to be arrested.

When officers arrived he confessed and said: "I know I have done wrong. I'm in trouble, but it made me feel better."

However he later discovered the Ferrari actually belonged to surgeon Matthew Sala.

Emma Antonelli, prosecuting, told Harrow Crown Court her client wanted full compensation for his car.

Denis Barry, defending, said Higgins was now full of remorse for his "very stupid, potentially dangerous and very expensive behaviour".

"It was a moment of madness for a man who has never been involved in anything like this before," he said.

Sentencing, Judge Barrington Black told Higgins: "This was an act born of both frustration and vengeance.

"But you are a man of previously good character and this is an offence which is unlikely to be repeated."

He added he would leave the question of compensation for the civil courts.

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