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'I can see my room - from the street'
Ms Mulaisho's house had the side wall blown off

A woman whose house was wrecked by a tornado said it was "surreal" to come home to find the exterior wall completely blown off.

Fiona Mulaisho, a researcher and data consultant, was not at home when the freak weather hit Chamberlayne Road in north west London.

She returned to the street after a phone call from her friend and found herself standing on the street staring straight into her living room.

"I wasn't there fortunately, but a friend of mine was in, she managed to escape just in time when apparently a tornado happened.

"London suddenly went overcast and the next thing I was getting a call saying something has happened and the roof has blown off.

"I got home and I just happened to stand on the side of the street where I could see directly into what was once my living room," she said.

"I guess you think it's just something you see on TV, it's surreal thinking that's my house."

The Kensal Rise community are all looking out for each other
Fiona Mulaisho
Ms Mulaisho said she had spent all afternoon on the phone to her insurance company. A hotel room was booked for her on Thursday evening.

"That's only for one night and this is going to take some time to sort out," she said.

"The key thing is no lives were lost, it could have been worse, it could have happened on a completely different day or night."

Speaking at the West Kilburn British Legion Club, to where people who could not return to their houses gathered, Ms Mulaisho said she had not been able to access her home.

The only way she's been able to assess the damage is by looking at the house on television, she explained.

"[But] the Kensal Rise community are all looking out for each other," she added.

Weather report on the conditions that caused the tornado


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