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False confession woman sentenced
Aaron Stokes
Aaron Stokes was described as a hard-working, well respected man
A woman has been given a jail sentence after falsely confessing to the murder of her shop assistant lover during sex.

Renata Mitre, 23, and Aaron Stokes, 24, were having consensual intercourse when he was stabbed, the Old Bailey heard.

Mitre later retracted her confession and implicated her brother Aldo, who is being sought by police in connection with the killing, the court was told.

Mitre, a student, of New Cross, south London, pleaded guilty to perverting justice and was sentenced to 16 months.

Mitre, who had been in custody for 11 months, was eligible for immediate release after serving more than half her sentence.

Joanna Greenberg, QC, defending, told the Old Bailey: "Her one enduring regret is that a decent man lost his life because of an engagement with her that night."

Aldo Mitre
Police want help in finding Aldo Mitre

Judge Gerald Gordon said Mr Stokes was a totally innocent man whose family may have been deprived of justice because of her actions.

He said DNA and fingerprints might have been on the blood-soaked weapon that Mitre had wiped clean.

"He was a hard-working, well respected man who had done nothing wrong," said the judge.

A charge of perverting the course of justice against her mother, Desdemona Balla, 49, was also dropped.

Outside court, police confirmed they were seeking Aldo Mitre, also known as Aldo Aliaj, who is believed to still be in Britain.

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