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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 November 2006, 16:55 GMT
Four anti-fur protesters arrested
Anti-fur protest by Peta activists
Peta said Burberry continues to use fur
Animal rights activists who smeared fake blood on the windows of a Burberry store to stage an anti-fur protest have been arrested, police said.

The protesters from Peta waved posters reading "death by fur" to protest against 'continued use of fur'.

Two of them chained themselves to the door of the showroom at Regent Street, central London, and had to be cut loose by police.

Burberry said a they use only a small amount of "ethically sourced" fur.

Luxury brand

The activists, three women and a man, aged between 18 and 21, have been held on suspicion of causing criminal damage, a police spokeswoman said.

She added: "Red paint had been thrown into the window and two of the women had chained themselves to the door. The women were cut free and all four were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage."

The store which was targeted by the activists is not selling any fur at the moment.

A Burberry spokeswoman said: "As a luxury brand there will be occasions where the use of fur will be considered important to the design and aesthetics of a product. In those circumstances we will continue to use fur.

"However, we will not use fur if there is a serious concern that the fur has been produced by the unacceptable treatment of the animals concerned."

The animal rights group said it plans to hold similar protests in North America.

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