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Last Updated: Tuesday, 7 November 2006, 10:31 GMT
Mayoral fight for boxer's brother
City Hall
Winston McKenzie wants to take over the running of City Hall
The brother of former world boxing champion Duke McKenzie has joined the fight to become London's next mayor.

Winston McKenzie, 50, is hoping to become the Conservative candidate for in the 2008 elections.

He said: "I'll stun the world. London will see its first ever black Mayor. The history books of politics shall be re-written, changed forever".

Previously Mr McKenzie was the spokesman for sport and policies for Robert Kilroy-Silk's party Veritas.

He joined the Tories after David Cameron was elected leader.

Apartheid system

The main issues he wants to tackle are immigration, education, grassroots sports, culture, tourism and community welfare.

Backing his campaign are media agent and former Commonwealth and European heavyweight champion Derek Williams, and Marianne Bowness, the former wife of Conservative Lord Peter Bowness.

Mr McKenzie said Britain needs tighter controls and fears an "apartheid system" is developing in schools which "could bring this country to its knees in years to come".

He said people are disillusioned with the current mayor Ken Livingstone and "the fact that I am a black man will appeal to people".

Mr McKenzie had his own success as an amateur boxer and won international honours for England.

His brother Duke won world titles at flyweight, bantamweight and super-bantamweight.

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