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Youth 'gunmen argued over murder'
Zainab Kalokoh, who was fatally shot
Gun victim Zainab Kalokoh was originally from Sierra Leone
A teenage gang who shot a woman dead as she cradled a baby during a christening argued at a flat about which one of them killed her, the Old Bailey heard.

A 17-year-old witness, who cannot be named because of his age, was staying at the flat in Peckham, south London when he overheard the row.

The court has heard the gang had robbed guests at the christening on the Wood Dane Estate, Peckham on 27 August 2005.

Four youths deny murdering 31-year-old Zainab Kalokoh.

Prosecution allege that as the gang arrived at the balloon-decked hall on the Wood Dane Estate in Peckham, south London, one of the teenagers fired a sawn-off shotgun into the ceiling where 100 christening guests were celebrating.

Gathering valuables

A handgun was then discharged by another into Mrs Kalokoh's head, as she was holding six-month-old Adama Sesay.

The prosecution alleges that as Mrs Kalokoh lay dying, members of the gang made their way around the hall, gathering up valuables, bags and trophies.

When they returned to the flat they were heard "arguing with each other about who shot the woman," jurors were told.

The witness said: "You could hear them arguing. They were arguing about someone had got shot and who had shot the woman or something.

"One was saying it could not have been the shotgun as it would have caused much more damage. The other was saying it was not him."

The trial continues.

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