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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 November 2006, 16:46 GMT
Youth dies in nightclub shooting
Jamail Newton
Newton was shot several times
A teenager was killed and two others injured in a shooting outside a nightclub in south London.

Jamail Newton, 19, from south-west London, was shot several times outside Aristocrats in Camberwell Green at about 0220 BST on Wednesday.

He died later in hospital. Two others subsequently arrived for treatment to gunshot wounds and one was detained.

Police were called to the scene over reports of a disturbance between two groups of men outside the club.

On their way, further calls were made reporting a fire at the back of the nightclub building and fireworks being thrown inside.

Forensic science experts are carrying out a search of the area.

The incident is being investigated as part of the Metropolitan Police initiative Operation Trident, which tackles gun crime in the black community.

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