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Student's family want new inquest
Jerry Duggan
Jerry Duggan had been studying in Paris
The family of a British student is calling for a fresh inquest into their son's mysterious death in Germany.

A German coroner recorded a verdict of suicide after Jeremiah Duggan, 22, was hit by two cars in Wiesbaden, in 2003.

But this was rejected by a British coroner who concluded Mr Duggan was in "a state of terror" when he died.

His mother Erica, of Golders Green, north London, says new evidence suggests her son was killed elsewhere and then "placed" at the scene.

Mr Duggan had gone to Germany for a Schiller Institute meeting, a right-wing group inspired by American political activist Lyndon LaRouche.

He had been studying in Paris when he made the trip to the anti-war conference in Wiesbaden.

I am in torment everyday of my life as I do not know how my son died
Erica Duggan

On the night he died Mr Duggan, known as Jerry, rang his mother to say he was in "deep trouble".

A verdict of suicide was recorded by a German coroner in March 2003 but this was rejected by Dr William Dolman in London in November the same year.

He said Mr Duggan had "received fatal injuries when he ran into the road and was hit by two... cars. He had earlier been in a state of terror."

A report by former Metropolitan Police forensic expert Paul Canning suggests Mr Duggan may have been killed before his body was left in the road so it appeared to be a traffic accident.

The family claims other independent witnesses have backed up the assertion that Mr Duggan could not have committed suicide.

A case is currently being put together for the German federal court pushing for a full investigation into the death.

Comedy night

Mrs Duggan said this evidence has also been handed to Britain's Attorney General in the hope a new inquest will be granted.

Mrs Duggan said: "I am in torment everyday of my life as I do not know how my son died.

"Every mother needs to know how their child died, whatever's the truth I need to know."

Hundreds of supporters of the Justice4Jeremiah campaign are due to attend a comedy night in Bethnall Green, east London, on Sunday night.

Jokes for Jerry is being held at the Lee Hurst Comedy Club and all money raised will help fund the family's fight for justice.

People will also be asked to sign a petition calling for a full investigation into his death and a fresh inquest.


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