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Last Updated: Tuesday, 5 September 2006, 18:45 GMT 19:45 UK
Anger over new drug trial adverts
David Oakley
Mr Oakley is still receiving medical treatment
A man who fell ill during drug trials in north-west London has criticised new adverts calling for volunteers, by the firm that ran the tests.

David Oakley said Parexel should not be advertising so soon after the March trial which left six men seriously ill.

Mr Oakley told BBC News: "They haven't offered anything in regards to us, any compensation and yet they are prepared to put more people through the mill."

No comment has been made by Parexel, despite efforts to contact them.

Email sent

The adverts are being run on commercial radio music stations around the capital and the firm has also mounted an email recruitment drive.

Mr Oakley said: "I just couldn't believe they were advertising already.

"All I can think of is there are probably a lot of people who are afraid now and that's why they are advertising to a market that probably hasn't seen the news."

Mr Oakley's whole body swelled up and he almost lost his life during the trials of the anti-arthritis drug TGN1412 carried out in a unit on the grounds of Northwick Park Hospital.

2,000 payment

The adverts - which are legal - ask for healthy or asthmatic men or women to take part in a new trial being run by Parexel.

Mr Oakley said that despite not yet receiving any compensation from Parexel, he was emailed and asked by the company to take part in the latest trial.

The men taking part in the March trial had each been paid 2,000.

Mr Oakley - who is still receiving treatment for what he says are the early signs of cancer following the trial - has urged people not to take part in drugs trials.

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