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Body flown home with two hearts
A hospital inquiry has begun in the Irish Republic after the body of a British tourist was flown home containing two hearts and four lungs.

Louis Selo, 55, from New Malden, south-west London, had a heart attack at Dublin Airport on 2 August.

A post-mortem examination was carried out at Dublin's Beaumont Hospital, but when the body was flown home the extra organs were found.

The hospital has apologised and said disciplinary action could follow.

No-one has been suspended.

A high level inquiry is currently under way
Hospital spokesman

"What happened should not have happened and we express our deep regret to those affected," a spokesman said.

"A high level inquiry is currently under way at the hospital, and we expect the finding of that to be available shortly."

When the discovery was made, Beaumont Hospital tracked down the family of the owner of the extra organs and returned them to be buried.

Bodies of Britons who die abroad are routinely examined by a pathologist on their return.

In this case the coroner reported finding a number of extra organs stitched inside the body in a plastic viscera bag.

Father-of-three Mr Selo was on holiday with his wife Anna and daughter Monica.

They had been in the news in 2001 when they flew to Australia so his son Sebastian could have pioneering brain surgery.

Hospital sorry over organ blunder
11 Jul 05 |  Bristol/Somerset

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