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Last Updated: Friday, 1 September 2006, 11:30 GMT 12:30 UK
Stabbing inquiry 'unacceptable'
Victim Peter Woodhams
Mr Woodhams was shot near his home
The police response into the stabbing of a young father who was later shot dead was "unacceptable", a senior Metropolitan Police officer has said.

Deputy Commissioner Paul Stephenson said the force had now ordered a review of all outstanding investigations into GBH assaults across London.

Father-of-one Peter Woodhams was shot on 21 August in Canning Town, east London.

The 22-year-old had been stabbed in the same area in January.

The investigation into the stabbing is subject to an independent inquiry.

Mr Woodhams' family said he was stabbed by a gang of youths after he confronted them for throwing a stone at his car.

Teenager arrested

Mr Woodhams' fiancee, Jane Bowden, said she called police every day for five weeks after the attack, but police failed to catch his attackers.

Dep Comm Paul Stephenson said at a committee meeting of the Metropolitan Police Authority: "Based on what we have seen thus far there are obviously some very serious concerns that need proper investigation.

"I've got to be careful not to prejudice the inquiry but I think I am giving a clear indication that I, the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, consider some of the issues that appear to be coming out of the initial report in the first instance unacceptable.

"But we've got to be careful we do not judge people unfairly on this and we've got to be careful we don't undermine the Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation but we're taking it very seriously."

Mr Woodhams was shot dead just months after being stabbed. A 14-year-old boy has been arrested and released on bail in connection with the investigation.

Senior Scotland Yard officer, Commander Rod Jarman, has publicly apologised to Mr Woodhams' family for "any hurt" caused by the way police investigated the knife attack.

The Met has now told every borough across London to review outstanding GBH cases - in the borough of Newham, where the murder took place, a review of all unsolved assaults is already under way

An Independent Police Complaints Commission inquiry into the stabbing is being led by Senior Investigator Peter Orr.

CCTV footage of Peter Woodhams

Last moments of murdered father
25 Aug 06 |  London

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