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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 August 2006, 15:55 GMT 16:55 UK
Couple spend hundreds on fox bane
Urban foxes
Urban foxes like large shady areas with overgrown foliage
A south London couple driven to despair by urban foxes roaming their garden have spent nearly 1,000 trying to keep them out.

Michael and Susan Sidwell, of Croydon, said they have faced many a sleepless night as foxes fought, howled and screeched in their suburban garden.

Chicken wire and costly ultra-sonic devices were installed but to no avail.

The RSPCA said the garden's low fencing, shade and overgrown foliage made it an ideal habitat for foxes.

Mr Sidwell told BBC News London: "I am tired. I've had months of inadequate sleep."

He also added that he feared the presence of foxes may deter house buyers and affect property prices.

Michael Sidwell
I am tired - I've had months of inadequate sleep
Michael Sidwell

RSPCA inspector Clare Ponsford said the best way to keep them out was to ensure composts and dustbins were secure and no food was put out.

She said the animal charity would not advocate culling as it was a short term measure and other foxes would only replace them.

"They are opportunists and if there's an opportunity for them to come back and fill up the space, they will do."

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