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Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 August 2006, 00:27 GMT 01:27 UK
Rare Saxon belt goes on display
The unearthed 1,300 year old Saxon buckle
The buckle was unearthed on the outskirts of London
A rare Anglo-Saxon belt buckle found by a treasure hunter with a metal detector is going on public display for the first time.

The copper alloy buckle dates from between AD600 and AD720 and is only the second one of its type found in England.

It was unearthed recently on the outskirts of London by Bill Robson, who handed it to the Museum of London.

The belt is rare because it is in a style normally found in Spain.

Faye Simpson, community archaeologist at the museum, said: "This buckle is as beautiful as anything you could hope to find on Bond Street and would originally have been gilded - probably in gold or tin.

"This is a really exciting find, which has come to light through responsible metal detecting."

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