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Drive targets 'super-rat' surge
Woman in a box of food litter and rats
Rats are now stronger and living longer
London's growing population of 'super rats' is being targeted as part of a campaign to clean up the streets.

Keep Britain Tidy said increasing levels of food litter is to blame for a 20% rise in the number of rodents in the city since 2000.

A stuntwoman climbed into a box full of rats in central London on Friday to highlight the problem.

According to experts a diet of kebabs, burgers and chips is making the city's rats stronger and live longer.

The event in Golden Square, Westminster, is part of Keep Britain Tidy's campaign to stop the public dropping food.

According to a survey by the organisation, Londoners are most likely to throw away takeaways, with nearly 15% admitting to the dirty deed.

Alan Woods, chief executive of Keep Britain Tidy, said: "People think it's only boozed-up revellers chucking their chips and burgers after a heavy night out that is causing rats to come out of their sewers and roam the streets.

"Others are also doing their bit to scruffy our streets by dropping their fruit peelings and left-over lunches."

Waging war on the super rats
10 Sep 04 |  Leicestershire

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