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Campaign to improve road manners
The campaign will include enforcement and education
London drivers and cyclists will soon be asked to "share the road" as part of a campaign to improve safety.

The Transport for London (TfL) scheme is being launched as police figures show the number of cycling offences has tripled in the last three years.

It will encourage all road users to share and obey the rules of the road.

A TfL statement said the positive effects of an increase in cycling must "go hand-in-hand with maintaining and improving cycling standards".

Law-abiding road use

The spokesman said: "The Mayor wants all road users to share the road and stick to the rules equally.

"This applies to cyclists going through red lights and riding on the pavement, but also to motor vehicles parking in cycle lanes or monopolising the advance stop space allocated for cyclists at junctions."

Roger Geffen from the Cyclist's Touring Club said: "We believe in sensible and responsible, law-abiding use of the road by all users.

"We also believe in proper law enforcement as cyclists are much more likely to be victims, rather than perpetrators, of bad road use."

The campaign, which will be launched in two weeks' time, will include enforcement and education.

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