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Killer fled after 'missed flight' ruse
Rohan Chung

Triple killer Rohan Chung managed to trick his way into Britain from Jamaica by using a false name - and then telling officials he had missed his connecting flight.

He was given a 24-hour admission to the UK on the basis of his story - but never arrived back to catch his plane.

And the next time he was in the hands of the authorities, it was after he had murdered three innocent people in a gruesome act of revenge against a fellow drug dealer who had tricked him

It has since emerged Chung, 30, had been deported twice from the UK to Jamaica but managed to return using false names.

In fact, during his trial for the three murders at the Old Bailey, prosecutors confessed they were not sure "Chung" was his real name.

A Home Office spokesman said new measures, including fingerprints and digital photographs taken at the visa application stage, were being introduced in Jamaica next year to tighten security.

After he was found guilty along with co-defendant Michael Letts, 34, the court was told Chung had first entered the UK in 1993 with six months leave to remain.

He overstayed but was deported in 1994. He returned in 1995 using the name Tony Green.

Miraculous escape

But later that year, he was arrested under the name of Rohan Gordon and charged in connection with a murder and attempted murders in London and Birmingham.

The trial heard a woman who was shot at had a "miraculous" escape when the bullet hit a penny coin in her cardigan pocket.

But he was cleared of all charges except possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life in 1997. After serving half of his eight-year sentence he was deported again in July 2000.

He re-entered the UK via Paris in June 2004, a year before the murders, using the name Wayne Hunter.

Lorna Morrison, Connie Morrison and Noel Patterson
Lorna and Connie Morrison and Noel Patterson were shot dead

Chung, who is known to have used at least eight different names, disappeared after being given the 24-hours admission after claiming to have missed his flight.

Co-defendant Michael Letts, 34, arrived from Jamaica in April 2003 and had made three further visits on holiday visas. He has since married a British national and has leave to remain until February next year.

A Home Office spokeswoman said: "Temporary admission is never granted to individuals if it is believed that they are a risk, or that they will not comply with immigration controls and each case is carefully considered by an Immigration Officer before temporary admission is granted.

"By introducing a new system of risk assessment and conducting PNC checks, together with further checks, this will result in a drop in the number of absconders by identifying those it is believed will fail to comply with the conditions of temporary admission and fully utilise the available detention space."


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